Refrigerator Is Broken

5 Most Wanted Signs That Your Refrigerator Is Broken

The average refrigerator replacing costs $2,000 and more! Luckily, you may not have to shell out that big kind of cash.

Your refrigerator problems can be solved by calling an appliance repair company in Brooklyn instead. This is especially true if you have a side-by-side refrigerator that’s less than five years old or a bottom or top freezer model that’s less than seven years old.

But how do you know when it’s time to call in the professionals from our local home appliance repair company in Brooklyn?

Well, there are a somewhat signs that your refrigerator is broken:

  1. Are you not feeling a cold when you open your refrigerator? If so, your refrigerator may be having trouble maintaining the correct temperature. Be sure to call a local refrigerator repair company as soon as you notice a collapse in temperature.
  2. Before you throw corrupted food away, check for an expiration date. If you look you’re trashing several food items that aren’t past the expiration date, consider to need your refrigerator repaired.
  3. Through time, the seal with accumulate cracks and tears, causing cold air to seep out when the door refrigerator is shut. When replacing your refrigerator rubber seal may seem like an easy job, consider calling in the professionals. The seal has to be placed just right in order to keep all that cold air in.
  4. If ice is building up inside your freezer, it may be because your fridge is having a hard time controlling the temperature. Take a few days to eat the food in your freezer and then defrost it. When the ice has melted, turn your refrigerator. If you notice that ice is starting to form again, it’s time to call a refrigerator repair master.
  5. If you see water on the floor, be sure to call a local refrigerator repair company at once. Both ice on your walls and water on your floor can lead to damage, so you’ll want to get this issue fixed right away.

Follow the guide above to learn the signs that your refrigerator is broken and when to call in the professionals. With over 30 years of experience in fixing refrigerators in Brooklyn of New York, we are your local, trusted authority on appliance repairs. Best Service Appliance Repair Company repair with all types and brands of refrigerators. Call us today at 718-259-7716 or visit

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