Are you clean refrigerator coils

Are you clean refrigerator coils?

If you notice a sharp rise in your electricity bills, then perhaps the solution to the problem is cleaning the condenser coils of the refrigerator.

This is often the case when the condenser coils of the refrigerator become clogged with dirt, dust, or pet hair. All of these factors greatly affect the efficiency of your refrigerator, and as a result, the compressor runs longer and, as a result, is less efficiently cooled. It is recommended to clean the condenser coil every six months. If there are pets in the house, the coils should be cleaned approximately every 3 months, because pet hair clogs the condenser coils faster.

Often the condenser coils of a refrigerator are located either at the back of the refrigerator or at the bottom of the refrigerator. To clean the coils, you will need a condenser coil cleaning brush and a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the condenser coils of a refrigerator twice a year can save hundreds of dollars in refrigerator repair.

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