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Can I store the refrigerator outside?

Many homeowners like to have a second refrigerator, but sometimes there is no place to put it at home. Then the question may arise: can I store the refrigerator outside?

If you plan to store the refrigerator outside, then you need to consider some factors:

  • You can place the refrigerator outside for temporary use for one day. You need to make sure that there is a safe electrical connection and there are no adverse weather conditions. A longer stay of the refrigerator outside can lead to a shorter service life.
  • If the outside temperature drops below the temperature of the refrigerator or freezer, the device will no longer work properly and may break.
  • Keep the refrigerator as far away from direct sunlight, weather, debris or foliage as possible.
  • Check the label on the refrigerator. The label should tell you whether your refrigerator is intended for indoor or outdoor use.

If you put the refrigerator in the garage, then you need to make sure that the garage is not too cold. For more information on where to place the refrigerator, we recommend that you contact a refrigerator repair specialist at a local Brooklyn home appliance repair company.  Call us today at 718-259-7716 or visit

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