Helpful tips for maintaining your oven. Part 1

Do you take care of your oven to keep it in perfect working order? If not, then it’s time to start with these helpful oven care tips from the professionals at Best Service Appliance Repair. Performing oven maintenance can save you from replacing the oven prematurely.

If it’s too late and your oven is broken, make an online appointment today at your local Brooklyn appliance repair company. Our professionals with over 30 years of experience will help you with oven repair.

Extend the life of your oven with these simple oven maintenance tips:

  • Do you see defects on the torch coils? If so, the burners are defective and the performance of the appliance decreases. This can seriously damage your oven. It is necessary to replace damaged burners as soon as possible, and to avoid costly repairs. If you need help from a professional oven repair technician, we advise you to contact us!
  • Leftover food will make your oven less efficient and unsafe. We advise you to clean the oven after every cooking. Especially if you spill food in the oven, wipe it off as soon as the oven cools down.
  • When cleaning the oven, be sure to unplug it. For best results, do not spray water or detergent onto oven handles. Liquid can cause a short circuit after turning on the oven. We recommend using a dry microfiber cloth and lightly sprinkling the cloth with liquid cleaner to remove stubborn dirt.

Our local home appliance repair company in Brooklyn is ready to help you with for your gas and electric oven repairs or maintenance. Call us today at 718-259-7716 or visit

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