Helpful tips for maintaining your oven. Part 2

Would you like your oven to be in perfect working order? If so, it’s time to start with these helpful oven care tips from the professionals at Best Service Appliance Repair. So let’s continue. You can see the beginning of the article at the link:

Extend the life of your oven with these simple oven maintenance tips:

  • We recommend using the oven self-cleaning function no more than twice a year. After cooking, wait about six hours. Then you need to disconnect the oven from the electricity. Wipe the inside of the oven with a vinegar-water solution. Wait until it is completely dry before turning on the oven and do not close the oven door.
  • If you have a gas oven and you suspect a leak, close the gas valve, open the windows, and contact the gas company immediately.
  • The fan motor is an important component of your oven. The oven fan motor usually has oilers and should be lubricated about every six months. It is also not recommended to lubricate them with a large amount of grease, as this can lead to additional problems. If you need help from a professional oven repair technician, we advise you to contact us!
  • It is not recommended to cook too much in one sitting. Reduce the cooking time in the oven and reheat food on the stove, for example with a lid or foil.
  • Over time, the oven door gasket and door lock can deform and fail, dissipating heat and making cooking times unpredictable. It is recommended to replace them so that the oven does not have to work too hard.

If you follow these tips for caring for your oven, you can significantly extend the life of your oven. Our local home appliance repair company in Brooklyn is ready to help you with your gas and electric oven repairs or maintenance. Call us today at 718-259-7716 or visit

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