dryer repair

Reasons the dryer overheating.

The dryer is a regularly used household appliance, and it can overheat from time to time. Be careful, overheating of the dryer can lead to a fire!

The main reasons for overheating of the dryer:

The fluff filter may be clogged with material. If the filter is not cleaned, your clothing may catch on fire. Before returning the filter to the machine, use a vacuum cleaner to make sure there is no debris or lint in the slot that has not entered the filter.

The dryer heating element can deform over time, which can cause the area to heat up much faster than normal. If the heating element is faulty, then the dryer will need to be repaired.

If the thermostat fails, it can stop detecting heat and the temperature rises to potentially dangerous levels. The thermostat will need to be replaced to prevent overheating of the dryer.

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