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Repairing the refrigerator or buying a new one?

When is it better to buy a new refrigerator:

  1. If your refrigerator is very ancient, rusty, plastic has been rubbed in many places, has been repaired repeatedly, then it is better to buy a new;
  2. If the defect is noticeable, then it is also better to choose a new technique, but this is at the discretion of the owners of the refrigerator;
  3. Ask the local Brooklyn appliance repair company how dangerous it will be to use this refrigerator.

How an old refrigerator can be better than a new refrigerator:

  1. The build quality of the new refrigerator leaves much to be desired;
  2. The service life of modern refrigerators was initially less;
  3. The quality of plastic in low-price refrigerators is worse than in old ones. If you come across a refrigerator with such plastic, over time, a difficult to remove unpleasant odor may appear that absorbs the plastic, deformation, etc.

In any case, in order to make the right decision, you first need to invite a master local Brooklyn appliance repair company to diagnose the breakdown. Maybe the repairs will be inexpensive, and the refrigerator will work for many more years. If you’re lucky, the problem can be minimal and can be resolved in 30 minutes. In 90% of cases, repairing a refrigerator will definitely cost much less than buying a new good quality.

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