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Review of the best refrigerators in 2020. Article #1

When considering buying a refrigerator in 2020, you will definitely notice that there are many offers from different brands on the market.
Which brand can be considered reliable? Will the refrigerator work perfectly every year? In our blog on the site we have compiled a list of refrigerators that should meet all the needs of modern people.
In this article, you will find answers to questions such as why one refrigerator is better than another or how they differ, and find out what you really want. This is the first article in the series the Best refrigerator in 2020. So, let’s go.
The first refrigerator of the Samsung brand, which is distinguished by the fact that it is very smart.

Samsung RF22N9781SR

Imagine that working hard all day you forgot to look at what is missing in your refrigerator. But if you have
Samsung RF22N9781SR is not a problem. Thanks to the internal camera, you can easily find out what you are running out of and buy it after work.
This refrigerator also boasts a Family center — a large electronic board on which you can write messages to your family members, make a shopping list for the week, order food, and much more. This refrigerator supports commands via Bixby.
But since you are reading this article on the website of a company that provides home appliance repair services, including high-quality refrigerator repairs of any complexity, we note that the repair of such a smart refrigerator can be expensive, due to its complexity and a many numbers of electronics.


This refrigerator has high ratings for maintaining a constant internal temperature. For example, humidity control and air filtration are controlled electronically using several advanced sensors. LG also gives a 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor. It really deserves praise, as it is energy-efficient and responds quickly to temperature changes.
As for repairs, we have extensive experience with such refrigerators, which means high-quality repairs on time and with a guarantee.


Refrigerators of the GE PFE28 series have been produced since 2016. The GE profile PFE28KYNFS is a new model that has a special coating that does not leave fingerprints on it and also has bright LED lamps.
This refrigerator has excellent Twinchill PFE28KYNFS technology. It means that the inside of the refrigerator will be kept at the optimum temperature, which can keep your food ready for consumption longer. The internal temperature of this model is constant and the Energy Star speaks for itself. Also, GE Profile PFE28KYNFS have a built-in ice maker. The disadvantages include the fact that the WI-FI module, which, for example, will help you understand that the door to the refrigerator is poorly closed, is sold separately. Otherwise, it is a very good and reliable refrigerator which, in the event of a breakdown or service, will not hit your wallet too much. Recall that our company has been repairing household appliances for 30 years, and the number of refrigerators we have repaired is beyond count.

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