Too much foam during dishwasher washing cycle?

One of the most common problems that can happen to your household dishwasher is when too much foam created during washing cycle , following by liquid overflow. This may happen when incorrect detergent is used.

Regular dishwashing soap is very foamy and recommended for manual use only. In order to avoid premature repair of the dishwasher, Best Service Appliance Repair specialists recommend use only special dishwasher friendly detergent to use safely in your machine. There are two types of dishwasher friendly detergents on the market: powder and liquid types.

Our specilists recommend to use liquid detergent , as powder can cause hoses blockage.

However, there is one brand of powder that has established itself: Cascade complete. This detergent comes in separate pacs – one per each washing cycle, has strong cleaning power, does not leave residue on your dishes, and works well with all major brands , such as KitchenAid, Maytag, Whirpool, GE appliances, Samsung.

Following instructions and using correct products can extend your dishwasher life cycle and avoid breakage and repairs.

However, if you already have the problem with hoses blockage in your dishwasher or some other related problems, you need a professional repairman help. When It Comes To Reliability, company “Best Service Appliance Repair” Are The One You Need!

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