What should I consider before buying a new refrigerator?

It’s never easy when you buy a new refrigerator: there are so many different brands and types of this large appliance on the market.

You need to choose a new refrigerator according to the following parameters:

  • size;
  • color;
  • design;
  • brand;
  • price.
The price of the fridge is also an important point. But there is one point that many buyers omit. We suggest that you choose any domestic brand of refrigerator, and not a foreign model, because if in the future your refrigerator will have problems, it will be much easier to buy a spare part for a domestic model, besides replacing the part will cost you less, which will lead to less money spent on repairing the fridge. Have fun shopping! And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or visit us +1(718)259-7716 or visit we will be happy to help!

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