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What to do with a leaking refrigerator?

There is a solution to your problem!

The refrigerator that always runs daily is designed for a long service life …

If you notice water on your kitchen floor, keep reading for the most common causes and easy solutions!

Is your refrigerator aligned? If you’ve just bought a refrigerator or recently renovated your kitchen floor, it is possible that simply moving the refrigerator has caused water to start leaking. In fact, the front should be about a quarter or half an inch higher than the rear – this slight back and forth tilt allows the coolant to flow freely. When the circulation of the coolant is difficult, additional condensation forms and water can drip onto the floor, making it look like your refrigerator is leaking.

Is the defrost drain blocked on the refrigerator?

Note that condensation builds up on the coils and soon water drips onto the floor, as in the case of an improperly installed refrigerator. A local Brooklyn appliance repair company recommends flushing the drain to stop the leak.

Do you see water pouring out of the pallet and accumulating on the floor due to cracks, deformation or other damage? Contact your local Brooklyn appliance repair company and we will bring your refrigerator back to life!

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