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When to Repair a Refrigerator?

Here are some signs that your refrigerator needs repairs:

1) Temperature must be below 40 ° F in refrigerator and 0 ° F in freezer. If it does not cool properly, the unit may have a thermostat, coil, airflow, or ventilation problem. Leaking refrigerant could also be the cause.

2) Noise in the back of the refrigerator may indicate a malfunction of the condenser fan, compressor or defrost timer. The noise inside the refrigerator may be caused by a faulty fan. If it comes from below, a rattling pallet may be the cause.

3) If the door does not close properly, cold air will escape and the refrigerator will not work efficiently (food may be spoiled).

4) If no water is supplied or the refrigerator does not produce ice, parts associated with these systems can be repaired or replaced to return the refrigerator to its original condition.

It’s always best to get professional help, and if you’re looking for a professional refrigerator repair technician, we recommend contacting your local Brooklyn appliance repair company. If you need help, call us today at 718-259-7716 or visit

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