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Why Do I Smell Gas from My Oven?

If you have a gas oven, you will notice that when you start the oven, a strange smell will come from it. This smell is a combination of gas in the burner and will disappear when the oven heats up. However, unburned gas also has a distinct odor. You can tell this smell from gas when you turn on the oven. And if it smells like rotten eggs, here’s what you need to do:

     1) Turn off the oven;

     2) Open windows;

     3) If there is an open flame, extinguish it;

     4) If the odor persists, contact your local Brooklyn appliance repair company.

Also make sure that all hotplates on your surface are off. If the burner is on but does not ignite, it may be causing the smell of gas. You may also have a faulty gas valve on your burners that is causing the smell.

Regardless of how old your unit is you should have it checked for any leaks or broken parts regularly. It’s always best to get professional help, and if you’re looking for a professional oven & stove repair master, we recommend that your local Brooklyn appliance repair company. If your needs help, call us today at 718-259-7716 or visit https://bestserviceappliancerepair.com/

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