freezer repair

Why ice buildup in freezer?

Depending on where the ice has formed, there are several solutions that refrigerator repair can solve.

In most cases, when refrigerator repair, it is possible to simply defrost the freezer and the appliance will return to normal.

The freezer compartment temperature may be set too low. If the set temperature of the appliance is too low, the refrigerator cannot remove moisture from the air while it cools. Moisture will fall into the snow before the appliance starts the next cooling cycle. Before refrigerator repair, make sure the freezer is about 0° F (-18° C) and the refrigerator is about 37° F (3° C).

Frost around the freezer door gaskets indicates that the door is not fully closed. Before refrigerator repair, pay attention to these factors: the food bags are not protruding too far, the drawer is not completely closed, the ice container is not blocked.

Also, frost accumulation only on the back of freezer indicates a problem with defrost cycle. Depending on the problem that requires refrigerator repair, it could be a faulty heater, sensor, or defrost timer. Local Brooklyn appliance repair company specialist will help with accurate diagnostics and refrigerator repair. Call us today at 718-259-7716 or visit

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