Your washer won’t spin?

It is the end of the week and you routinely prepare to do your laundry. You gather your stuff , load the machine, water and detergent are poured into , and ….nothing happened! The basket does not spin or do start spinning but very slowly.The rattling sound comes instead from the base of your struggling washing machine. Is this situation familiar? 

There is something you can do immediately to help : take some items out to reduce the load during the washing cycle. Overloading your washer will prevent your clothes from moving freely around the basket. Your load won’t be soaked in water and laundry detergent as it should be and therefore your clothes won’t be clean.

If taking some load off does not help , your washing machine motor or motor coupler must be damaged and needs to be replaced. Or it could be some other reason. Your appliance will need specialist attention to diagnose it correctly.

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